I know, it’s only mid November and it’s too early to be talking about Christmas, but when you like to make stuff then you do need to start in good time. Every year I have grand plans to make things but always leave it too late. I’ve started earlier than usual this year but I still don’t think I’ve left myself enough time! I may need to trim the making wishlist down a little…

However, the positive side to this is that my crafting mojo has definitely returned. I finished a rag doll for my niece – who fell in love with it instantly, and turned an old pair of leggings and a charity shop dress into a skirt for Faith. I will post pics when I can get her to stand still long enough!

I’ve also been practising my crochet skills and although I’m still not brilliant, I did manage to make some little Christmas decorations.

I found the pattern for this little wreath on ravelry and it only took me about 15 minutes to make. I think I will make a few more to hang on the tree or above the fire place. There are also lots of snowflake, Christmas stocking, snowmen etc. patterns on there so we will have a very well dressed tree this year!

The children have also been doing some crafting ready for Christmas with some goodies that Yellow Moon sent to them.

The girls love these scratch art kits. They have tried lots of different ones and these Christmassy pictures will look fab hanging in the window. Faith spent hours getting hers just right! ย They also make some pretty snowflake wands. The kit contains everything you need, apart from glue, and a picture with a suggested layout – although there’s no reason why they can’t let their creative streak run wild and decorate them however they want.

We’ve ordered a load more stuff from Yellow Moon for the lead up to Christmas, so the children will be able to craft and make lots of lovely things to decorate the house.

Disclosure: The children were sent a box of crafting kits from Yellow Moon to try out.