Life has been so busy recently that my crafting mojo seemed to head off on a holiday and, apart from some cakes, I’ve done hardly anything creative for a while. This always makes me twitchy as I’m at my best when scattering yarn and fabric round the house and creating a crafty mess!

When the weather turned chilly, I realised the girls needed winter hats and so I got out the craft books and found myself a cute little hat pattern for Faith in ‘Crochet In No Time’.

I’m only a novice when it comes to crochet – am I the only one who thinks the patterns are written in gibberish and can’t work out where the top of the chain is each round?! But, this hat was really quick and easy to crochet (if you ignore the fact that my first attempt came out so small it fits Faith’s doll). I made it in one night and Faith has worn it to school every day since. She’s had so many lovely comments too.

As you can imagine, Grace was a bit put out that she didn’t have a hat so I set about finding a pattern for her and came across this slouch hat on ravelry.

I loved making this hat, which used a puff stitch, and it crochets up really quickly once you get into the rhythm. It can be worn forwards when really chilly and pushed backwards when you just want to look cool. Grace absolutely loves it and it has hardly been off her head for the past week! I’m really tempted to make myself a similar one. I’ve been knitting her a scarf in the same yarn – it’s taking forever but hopefully will be ready soon.

I think it’s safe to say my crafting mojo has returned and it is exciting! I’ve made a start on some Christmas decorations and am going to get the sewing machine out and finish off a few other projects. Top of my list is the blind for Faith’s room, which is long overdue. Watch this space…

What have you been making recently?