Last month I had an exciting and different cupcake order. I’ve probably said before, I’m not keen on doing the same designs over and over! There’s a part of me that likes the fact that it is easy to make something you’ve done before, but it slightly takes the creative aspect out of it. I’m a butterfly when it comes to flitting between crafts and designs, so a new challenge is always welcome.

I was asked if I could make some animal themed cupcakes as a thank you for a local gentleman who had travelled all the way down to Wales for the day to look after his daughter-in-law’s small holding so she and her family could go out for the day. The cakes were to include chickens, ducks, sheep and goats. I have to say, I did struggle with ideas for making a goat cupcake, but hopefully I managed in the end. See what you think…

I loved making this order – it was such fun to do something a bit different. And I was only ever so slightly gutted when Grace told me she liked the dog and the snowman best! I’m sure it must be her eyesight and not my creative abilities!

Thanks for your order, Julie! I’m glad they went down well 🙂