The school Summer holidays seem to have flown past! It seems like only yesterday that the children rushed out of school with 6 free weeks ahead of them, and now they’re getting ready to go back next week. However, we seem to have done loads and it’s not over yet! At the moment we are staying in my Dad’s caravan down in Mudeford, enjoying the good old British weather, ice creams, digging on the beach, going for walks and eating far too much food.

As is tradition now, as soon as we arrived, I unpacked while Dale and the girls went to fetch essential shopping items and fish and chips for supper. Next task always seems to be to make as much mess as possible! I’m not sure this is essential, but it always seems to happen! Luckily, the caravan isn’t huge so they can’t do too much damage.

We went to Wimborne Minster and visited the model town, which the girls loved as they felt like giants! We played on the beach and buried each other in the sand. We’ve been for lots of walks in and around Mudeford – Grace and Dale even went for a long night-time walk along the beach to Highcliffe Castle and back. Apparently Grace chatted non-stop but has such wonderful memories of spending time with her Daddy.

Today is our last day, but we still have another holiday to look forward to. We’re heading down to Travella Park in Cornwall for a spot of glamping this weekend. The children are very excited about staying in a tent that has beds – the experience of camping but without sleeping too close to the grass sounds good to me. We’ll be writing a full review when we get back, but in the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for dry weather for us!