Sometimes you buy a book that you just love and I have to say, I have studied every page of sewing modkid style in great detail (several times) and absolutely adore it! The clothes, all using knit fabrics, are exactly the sort of things my children love to wear and are really practical for everyday wear.

In the book, Patty takes you right from the beginning giving lots of hints and tips for sewing with knits, which is useful as my experience to date is fairly limited. The pictures are great and the fabric choices are gorgeous – I just wish we could get such wonderful fabrics here in the UK.

First up I made a pair of shorts for Faith. They turned out really well and look so cute in this star fabric from Kitschy Coo. But she won’t wear them! I have no idea why as she chose the fabric, but there we go!

Next I decided to try the yoga pants pattern for Grace. I chose a thin striped fabric from my stash and soon began to regret this! Matching up the stripes was nothing short of a nightmare but after an hour of frustration, they were finished and I was thrilled with them. They fit her quite well (although, I’d probably make a size bigger next time) and she loves them so much I have had to peel them off her this evening to wash them as she’s been in them for 3 days straight!

Next I’m going to try the banded tank top and the bubble skirt, although Grace is already asking for more yoga pants in different fabrics!