I have been meaning to join in with the Forever Nigella Blogging Event, which is run by Sarah from Maison Cupcake ever since she started it. But, as with everything, I am rather disorganised and forget to blog the recipe or to actually make anything! Well, this month I was determined to join in, especially as the theme is one of my all time favourite things – Afternoon Tea.

I had a huge slab of marzipan to use up and after searching through Nigella’s online recipes, I found this Easy Almond Cake. The recipe intrigued me, both with the quantities of the ingredients and the method used to make the cake.

To me, afternoon tea means dainty little cakes so instead of making one large cake as the recipe suggests, I dug out my mini muffin tin and made little versions of the cake. The mix makes a lot so I actually made one larger cake as well as my mini ones. Bonus!


I was really pleased with how these turned out. The sponge was light and, even though it contained a huge chunk of marzipan and extra sugar, it actually wasn’t too sweet. The little cakes would be great with some cherries on top to make them look pretty and I think the larger cake would be delicious served warm too.

A definite hit in our house and a recipe that we will be using again (especially when my Mum reads this and requests one immediately – she loves marzipan even more than I do!)