We live fairly close to the Eastleigh Asda store and do visit it occasionally but, as a busy Mum of two and I always think that shopping in a large supermarket is going to take me forever. So, when the PR for Asda asked me if I’d like to try out the Asda Price Guarantee, I decided to give it a go and visit our local store.

We rocked up on a wet Saturday afternoon and I had already decided that I wasn’t going to do a massive shop. Parking was fairly painless, if you ignore the fact my husband always tries to park as far from the entrance as he can! We crammed Faith into a trolley and started our shop.

I tend to be a bit boring in my shopping habits and, as I usually shop online, I often end up buying the same old things. I soon threw my large supermarket anxiety to one side as I realised just what else is on offer! Asda had an amazing selection of products and soon I wasn’t just doing a small shop anymore. The trolley was piled high and as we reached the checkout we were prepared to pay more than the £100 gift card we’d been sent. To my total amazement, the huge trolley of shopping came in at under £100. Considering we’d bought several more expensive items such as joints of meat, loo rolls and washing powder, I was really impressed at the good value.

The Asda Price Guarantee is very simple, they say “If we’re not 10% cheaper than Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Waitrose on your comparable grocery shopping we’ll give you the difference. Guaranteed!”. As you would expect, there are a whole load of terms and conditions but, in a nutshell, you need to buy at least 8 items in your shop and 1 of them needs to be comparable with the other supermarkets.

The day after your shop (after 6am) you need to go to the Asda Price Guarantee webpage and enter the details from your receipt. The website will then calculate how much the comparable items would have cost in the other supermarkets and the price differences. As you can see, ours was cheaper than all the other supermarkets, but not 10% cheaper, so we got a voucher for £1.74 off our next shop. You need to print off the voucher and take it, along with your original receipt, next time you do your shopping. It does have an expiry date so be sure to make a note of that so you don’t miss out.

You can also use the Asda Price Guarantee when you do your shopping online.

We were very impressed with how much money we saved and it was well worth taking a trip to the supermarket. The children also enjoyed helping out with the shopping, making it much more fun than shopping online!

 Disclosure: I was sent a £100 gift card to buy our shopping to test the Asda Price Guarantee. All views are my own.