After my last post I duly gave all the plates, dishes and glasses a good wash by hand to remove residue and cleaned out the dishwasher. I also decided to reposition the QuantuMatic device in my dishwasher, moving it slightly to one side. And hey presto, now we’re getting on like a house on fire! I also discovered whilst doing this, that the clip that holds it onto the top shelf is adjustable – handy!

The last few washes have been much better and I’ve had no reject glasses and plates. It did struggle with my glued on mash potato but that really was a tough challenge and I’m yet to find anything apart from a good soak in soapy water that will remove it! The glasses are not only coming out much better now, but they actually look sparkly and everything has that squeaky clean feel. After a mixed start, I am very pleased.

So my final verdict. The product itself is priced at the high end of the market, but not so high I wouldn’t consider buying it. The recommended retail price for the starter pack is £9.99, which includes the device and enough for 12 washes, then refill packs are £7.99 each. They are available in regular or lemon.

Whilst we had a shaky start with the first few washes, on the whole I have be pleased with the results. Now I have given everything a good clean, the loads are coming out consistently clean and shiny with very few things needing re-washing. It is clear to see why the QuantuMatic was given a Which? endorsement recently and is recommended by all dishwasher manufacturers.

Now I have the actual device I think it is highly likely that I will continue to buy the product in the future.

This is a sponsored post – however, all views and opinions are my own.