Not to be outdone by Grace and her grasshead, Faith and I have been busy outside planting some seeds and, by some stroke of luck, they have actually started to grow! I’m not known for my green fingers, but it seems there may be some hope for me yet.

Faith had some money for her birthday and bought herself one of those little kits that contains everything you need to grow some veg. The one she chose contained peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and sweetcorn. We had to soak the compost plug in water until it expanded, planted the seeds, kept them on the windowsill, watered regularly and here are the results. Just need to transfer them to a larger pot now. Faith is very pleased with them and checks on them every day!

My Dad, who is a fantastic gardener, planted some seeds for me in a very fancy looking tray and thankfully I didn’t kill them! On the contrary, I have some lovely onions, turnips, beetroot, summer cabbage and lettuce growing. I also planted some sweet peas and pumpkins, which have also grown well and Grace and I have spent the morning thinning the plants and putting them into bigger pots. I’m really getting the hang of this!


Last year my sweet pea attempts were pitiful and a few spindly shoots came up and then vanished without producing any flowers. This time they look much stronger so I’m hoping for some pretty bunches of flowers in the summer to decorate the dining room with. I’ve also just planted some courgettes (my fave veg ever) and some sunflowers (the girls want to see how high they can grow them).

And the crowning glory is the blueberry bush Faith made me buy at the garden centre. Turns out she made a good choice – just look at how it is blooming! I can’t wait until everything is in full bloom and we can pick the vegetables for dinner.