I always knew I was destined to be a Queen. Ok, maybe not, but I was very excited that Innocent picked me to be their Queen of K. They sent us a full set of their new magnets (some of them even glow in the dark!) and asked us to use the K magnet in a photograph. At first I was a little panic stricken that I had the letter K and couldn’t think of a thing to take a photo of! Gradually a few ideas popped into my head.  Maybe kangaroo – but I wasn’t sure where I’d get one from. Maybe kumquat – perhaps a little obscure. As I sat down in the evening with my knitting it suddenly became clear….




If you are better at thinking of things beginning with K than I am (or you happen to own a kangaroo) then why not join in with the game? There are instructions here on how you can play along, so even if you can’t think of something beginning with K, there are plenty more letters to join in with.

Follow the Innocent Drinks twitter feed or look at their Flickr album for some inspiration. And who knows, maybe you’ll win a prize…

Disclosure: I was sent a free set of magnets and a hamper of goodies from Innocent Drinks.