I am always on the look out for new crafts to try with the children so I was excited to try this idea out (can’t remember where I saw it!). It is so simple but very effective and can easily be adapted for different ages.

You will need:

PVA glue

Paint brush

Coloured tissue paper

Non stick surface/mat to work on

Firstly, draw the outline of a rectangle (or whatever shape you’d like to make) on a non-stick surface with PVA glue. I used my wipe clean table cloth but do a little test first to check it will peel off once dry!). Then spread the glue all over the inside of the shape to make a thin layer.

Next, stick down squares or strips of tissue paper all over the glue. I cut up the squares for Faith so she only had to choose the colours, but obviously older children can do this for themselves. We went for the random approach but you could stick them down to make a picture.

Leave the glue and tissue to dry for a while then apply a thin layer of PVA over the top. There is quite a bit of waiting involved in this activity, which can be good for toddlers with short attention spans but not so good if they are impatient to get finished!

Leave to dry again and then apply a final thin layer of PVA glue. Then leave it to dry overnight. If you try to peel it off the table before it is completely dry you will get in a bit of a mess! Once it is completely dry you should be able just to peel it off the surface.

And there you have it, a simple but effective window sticker! Grace was so impressed that she made several herself. She took them to show her teacher who liked the idea so much we never got them back!

Have a go and let me know how you get on!