It caused a bit of confusion on twitter when I said I was making a funky chicken dress! We called it that in our house because of the fabric, obviously! I couldn’t resist all the pretty, brightly coloured chickens but only bought a little bit – just enough to make a simple dress.

This style of dress is really simple and quick to make, that is assuming you check that you have the pattern the right way up before cutting the armholes! I didn’t check this so I wasted some of my precious fabric. However, I dug out some pretty spotty fabric and made the dress slightly differently to how I’d first planned.

I proudly presented it to Faith who took one look, burst into tears, and said she wouldn’t wear the chicken dress! Luckily Grace thought it was great and wears it as a swing top. You win some, you lose some!

(Yes, she is wearing a pair of shorts too. No, she’s not being attacked by a giant snake!)