I am very naughty and confess that I have managed to go a long time (*whispers* about 10 years) without going to the dentist! I’m just a wimp. I’d never had any problems with my teeth as a child or teenager and once I was out on my own in the big wide world I just happened to forget to go. That is until last week when my lovely husband registered me with a local dentist and I had to go. I tried many excuses to get out of it but none worked and off I went, trembling with fear, to meet my fate.

What was waiting for me was a very youthful and handsome dentist, so not all bad really! He checked my teeth, said they were remarkable for someone who hadn’t vistied a dentist for years, but that I needed a filling. The words I dreaded hearing. So this week, off I trotted again to see said handsome dentist for my filling. It wasn’t so bad really, not worth panicking about.

I thought while I was there I’d make an appointment for my next check in 6 months, then perhaps I wouldn’t chicken out. So I had the following conversation with the receptionist (bearing in mind my mouth and tongue were numb at this point!):

Me: Could I book my next appointment for 6 months time please?

Receptionist: Certainly, which day is best?

Me: Wednesdays are usually good.

Receptionist: (Looks at me strangely) He only works Thursdays.

Me: Oh, ok, that’s fine.

Receptionist: What time is best?

Me: Mornings are usually best.

Receptionist: (Looks at me strangely) He only works afternoons.

Me: (Still struggling with the numbness, puzzled and amused by the redundant questions) Thursday afternoon will be fine.

I didn’t dare ask if she could give me a time that avoided the school run as he probably only works during the school run time! I must have the only dentist in the country who works for 2 hours on a Thursday afternoon!

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