We usually like to get out and about at the weekend to get some fresh air and exercise but this Saturday we had to put our plans on hold as the weather was really dreary. So we were faced with the parenting challenge of what to do with two small children when you’re cooped up all day!

One of our regular weekend activities is to head down to our local library. Both the girls are book worms and whilst they have books that they enjoy regularly at home, they like to discover new ones too. Our local library has recently been revamped and has a lovely children’s area where they can sit on comfy seats or a train to read books and has the huge appeal of now a being self service library, keeping both the children and the husband amused! They also do weekly activities such as knitting group and toddler story time – great inexpensive entertainment.

A while ago, Dale and Grace were out shopping and came back with this fab little book. Things To Do With Dad by Chris Stevens has loads of great ideas for fun and different activities and Grace and Dale have been choosing one or two each weekend to try out. So far they have drawn their silhouettes, made a swirler whirler, learned how to play achi and made a jelly hand.

Jelly hand

This weekend thay made a Shove Ha’penny board. The book just suggested drawing several strips on a large piece of paper and giving them scores, but Grace had great fun decorating the paper with different sections and allocated them different scores (including some minus numbers!). We’ve had hours of fun making up variations of the game using the board she made!

We also love to cut up magazines and make collages, make dinner together, bake cakes and biscuits, have indoor picnics, paint, sew and much more.

Making burgers

We have actually discovered that being stuck indoors isn’t so bad after all! We’re always looking for more fun activities to try – what do your family do when rain stops play?