At risk of it sounding like some kind of Oscar acceptance speech, I want to say a couple of thank yous! Firstly to the lovely Kat of Housewife Confidential, who listened to my constant whinging last week and gave me a kick up the butt to update my blog a bit. As you will see, I took her advice and although I’m not sure I’ve finished tweaking it yet, I hope you’ll agree it is already looking better than it was. Thanks Kat, I definitely owe you cake – will bring some once I’m back from my hols!

The MADs

Secondly, I’d like to say a huge thanks to whoever nominated me for a MADs award. I think it was in the Best MAD Family Fun blog category and although I’m not listed on the site, I had a tweet the other day telling me I had been nominated. Thank you! It means a lot that even one reader likes my blog enough to nominate me.

Now I have finished with my thank yous, I’m off on my holidays. I have scheduled a couple of posts for while I’m away (hope they work!) – see you when I get back, x.