There is great excitement in the house this week as we are jetting off to Cyrpus at the weekend for a family holiday and to go to our friends’ wedding.

There are, however, two things that are slightly concerning me. Firstly, there are only a couple of flights to Cyprus a week so I had to opt for one that leaves at stupid o’clock in the morning, meaning we have to get two children packed into the car to get to Gatwick very early! I am focusing on the positive – at least we will arrive the other end in good time.

Secondly, it dawned on me yesterday that I have a fairly long flight with two lively children to get through! Grace will probably be amused with colouring books and snacks (and maybe the DS if we get desperate!) as she is a fairly easy-going 5 year old. However, Faith, who is a very ‘lively’ 2 year old is likely to cause complete havoc! Any tips for travelling with small children? I had some great ideas from my Twitter pals, but all advice is very welcome!

(By the way, anyone out there thinking that my house will be empty for a week while I’m away – it won’t! My Mum is cat sitting and doing a spot of decorating for me – yippee!!)