I’m a bit late posting this as it is already the second week in April! The reason is that I was disappointed again. I felt like I’d had a creative month but most of my sewing and knitting projects are works in progress. I also forgot to take photos of some of the things I made, including my secret post club parcel! Anyway, here it is and once again I shall aim to do more next month 🙂

1. Quilt top in progress, 2. 21st birthday cake, 3. Pink and blue cupcakes, 4. Rabbit cake, 5. Cheese and bacon muffins, 6. Dress in progress, 7. Ballerina cake, 8. Sugar roses, 9. 40th birthday cake, 10. Teddy bear cake, 11. Winnie the Pooh costume, 12. Ballet cupcakes