Most of my cake and cupcake decorating inspiration so far has come from a small collection of books that I have and I have mostly tried copying and adapting designs. I feel most comfortable if I’ve got a picture to follow! However, having done a few cakes now, I am starting to feel more confident in my own ability and am starting to branch out and try to design some of my own decorations.

Having said that, I still love looking at pictures of other people’s creations and have found a new source of inspiration – twitter. I am following lots of people across the world who make and sell the most wonderful cakes and cupcakes. They have inspired me to get into the kitchen and try out more designs! There are too many lovely ladies that I have ‘chatted’ with to mention but here are just a few of my favourites.

Shikhita, @FairCakeLondon, sells the most beautiful cupcakes and I love looking at all the lovely colours and designs she uses. She produces the most perfect buttercream swirls I have ever seen! Shikhita is always really helpful and has a great facebook page with hints and tips for baking and decorating cakes.

Rakhee, @fashioncake, is a fashion designer by day and baker by night. She has made some beautiful cakes and cupcakes and often shares her pictures with us on twitter. She made the cutest little teddies to go on top of some Christening cupcakes!

A lovely lady who I have been in contact with quite a lot recently is Vicki, @mumswhobake, who is in the process of setting up a website, which looks like it is going to be a fantastic resource for mums, dads, grandmas, children who love baking. Vicki has been collecting photos of home baked goodies to add to her gallery and inspire other mums to get baking. If you’ve got any pictures of things you’ve been baking, I’m sure she’d appreciate them 🙂

So if you love making cakes and are looking for inspiration, I highly recommend you check out these and other talented twitterers.