How many of you have fridge full of half used jars of jams, pickles, sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise etc. that you periodically get out, look at the label that says use within a month of opening, wrack your brains to remember when you opened it, and put it back deciding it’s best not to risk it? Then every few months have a clear out as you can’t fit anymore half used jars in there, wasting a load of food? Maybe you are all better organised than me, but up until a few months ago, this was definitely my routine!

Then I discovered ‘Count on it’ labels, bought a pack to try and now hardly ever waste food because I don’t know when I opened it. These little labels are brilliant – they have a surface that you can scratch off so you can record the day and month that you opened it (or if you are so inclined, the date it needs to be used by – man versus woman logic here!).

Count on it Label

I use mine for all the jars in my fridge and also for leftover portions of food that I am freezing, my baking ingredients and home baked goodies destined for the freezer. As the surface can be scratched off in any place, I also scratch the initial of the child the food is for, as I often cook the baby food with less salt.

Another great thing about these labels is that they can be removed easily after use. I used to use plain labels and write on them with pen but they aren’t designed for this purpose and take a lot of scrubbing to remove them afterwards.

You can buy these great labels direct from the count on it website or from Lakeland and you can follow Lyndsey on twitter too.