We’re very lucky to have Kimball Farm just a couple of miles down the road from the hotel we are staying in. Despite what the name suggests, Kimball Farm is more than just a farm, in fact it’s more of an amusement park. It is most famous for its delicious ice cream and, as the girls and I have to drive past it every day to take Dale to and from work, we often stop for an ice cream. The portions are…. American!

Kimball Farm Doubledae

There are dozens of different flavours to choose from and some of our favourites so far are peppermint stick, chocolate peanut butter, caramel cashew crisp, mint and cookies, peanut butter butterfinger and chic chip cookie dough. I wonder how many more we can fit in before we come home…

Last weekend when we visited, the girls loved riding on the bumper boats, had their first taste of pony riding and enjoyed spending all our money on the arcade machines! There’s also a great little mini golf course that we went round when we first arrived. It gets busy but is really well maintained and is good fun. If you’re into baseball then there are batting cages where you can practise your skills – we watched in awe but didn’t have a go, and a driving range too.

Kimball farm

All in all, it’s a fun day out!