Chex mixGrocery shopping in America has been quite a different experience to my usual shopping in the UK. Partly, I guess this is down to the fact we’re on holiday and partly due to that fact that you can buy such different things over here – a lot of which my waistline will not thank me for! For example, Pop Tarts. I would never dream of buying them in the UK and I’m not even that keen on them but here there are so many varieties that I got sucked to trying some. I mean, S’mores Pop Tarts – seriously, who could resist that?! However, there are a few things I’ve managed to avoid, such as cheese in a can. I’m scared to think what that even is!

We have found a few firm favourites though:

1. Chex Mix – the children are mad for this and I have to admit, it is pretty moreish!

2. Watermelon – I hardly ever buy watermelon in the UK but here it has fallen into our shopping basket every time. Faith loves it!

3. Country Time Pink Lemonade – this drink is good! We permanently have a jug made up in the fridge and I’m wondering how many tubs we can fit in our suitcase to bring back! The kids also tried Kool Aid but it is a revolting colour and tastes of chemicals – they don’t seem to mind it though!

Pink lemonade

4. Jello – we tried making a pie using Jello pudding as the filling and it was super easy to do and quite tasty. I was, however, slightly disturbed when what appeared to be jelly mixed with mayo was one of the options at the salad bar! Grace said it was actually really yummy!

5. Ice cream – I have never seen so much to choose from! You can buy any kind of ice cream under the sun here. My personal favourite so far is the vanilla ice cream with Moose Tracks (still no idea what this is!) and peanut butter cups. So good!

6. Cherries – again, we get them in the UK but here they are much cheaper and are super tasty.

7. All things peanut butter – you can get anything covered in/filled with/featuring peanut butter here. To me this is heaven, Grace isn’t so keen, although she does like the Goobers peanut butter and jelly spread.

8. All things cinnamon – ditto the above comment. Cinnamon features highly in most things. Our current faves are morning buns and cinnamon bagels, which Dale likes as you can get them without raisins in too!

I also have to have a special mention for root beer – what is that stuff! It smells like antiseptic and tastes worse! If anybody wants a bottle, we have one going spare!

So those of you who have been to/live in the US, what else do we need to try while we’re here?