Blue dress - age 6!

While digging round in the loft, my Mum found several bags of clothes that I used to wear when I was a child. There was loads of great stuff (and a few not so great!) and most of it 30 years (or more!) old. Quite a lot of it is M&S – or St Michael as it was then.

Faith fits into most of the dresses really well and wherever we go, we get loads of comments and people asking where we got them from. They are generally amazed when I explain they are my old clothes and have lasted 30+ years. I can’t imagine much of today’s clothing lasting that long.

One thing I have noticed is that children 30 years ago must have been much smaller than they are today. The blue dress Faith is wearing in this photo is age 6! She is just 4 and is pretty average for her age. I can’t quite make out what the label says but it looks like it says ‘The Young Idea’.

Red dress - St Michael age 5

This red dress is one of my favourites – it’s just so different to anything you find in the shops today. When Faith is out and about wearing this, I can guarantee we will get stopped several times by people who want to ask about it! It is an age 5 but fits her perfectly. She also loves wearing a pair of my old grey shoes with it. Although they are exactly the right size, I only let her wear them in the house for about 10 minutes at a time as they haven’t lasted so well and I’m worried they’ll hurt her feet. They’re still in pretty good condition considering their age!

Grey patent leather shoes - Clarks

Last up we have a pale pink dress. I’m not a huge fan of pink for the girls – I think having  two girls can lead to a pink overload! But the pattern and style of this dress are so cute and really suit Faith. This is another age 5 dress from St Michael. I’m surprised the elastic has lasted so well in the front of this dress, but there’s still plenty of stretch in it. It seems clothes really were made to last.

Pink dress - age 5 from St Michael

We’ve got loads more, including dungarees, trousers, sweatshirts, velvet knickerbockers  (oh yes!), shirts and skirts. It has really given Faith’s wardrobe a lift and we can guarantee that nobody else will be wearing the same.

Do you have any of your old clothes? Have you kept any in the loft for future children or grandchildren? I wonder if any of these clothes will last to see another generation…