The weather may have turned chilly but we don’t let that stop us getting out and about for walks in the woods! We’ve discovered some really lovely places to take the children, both in our local area, and up where my Mum lives.

The girls love getting their wellies on and kicking the leaves around, making sure they stomp in every muddy puddle they find. And scampering around in the playground until their hands and noses turn red with cold.

For some reason they prefer to wear other people’s clothing so Grace is wearing my Mum’s coat in this photo and Faith is modelling Dale’s hat! Grace also has on a pair of hand-knitted gloves that used to be mine (they seem a little moth eaten in places!)

It seems being out in the fresh air is one of those blissful and harmonious times when they actually seem to like each other and get on really well. The wonders of nature!

And if this cold snap continues then their wishes may come true and they can take walks in the snow too…