So, if you had the cash to splash, what would be your favourite meal? Would you hit the recipe books and cook something that you love or rush out to your favourite restaurant to indulge in a delicious 5 course meal?

When I received an email from the PR for asking if I would like £50 to spend on cooking my favourite meal, I was extremely excited. For most of us, me included, that is a lot of money to spend on food. I tend to find all my money goes on the children, making sure they have what they need – I don’t often spend money on myself! After I’d pushed the feelings of guilt aside, I set about scouring my recipe books and deciding what to cook…

An hour or so later, I discovered that this was a lot harder than I thought! My main problem is that I love food and I couldn’t choose what to cook. I tweeted to get ideas from other people, but that just made it even more difficult to decide! Eventually, I decided to avoid anything too fussy and went for some good old favourites.

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So what would be your dream meal?

Disclosure: I was given £50 to spend on food by