A few weeks ago I was really pleased to be asked by the Year 2 teachers at Grace’s school if I would go in and do some cake decorating demos. The whole school are holding a tea party to celebrate the royal wedding and the Year 2s are making cupcakes for every child in the school. They also mentioned that they had to do some sewing as every child in the school is sewing a square to make a celebration quilt, so I offered my services. Grace has been desperate since she started school for me to help out and although this project isn’t with her class, at least she gets to see me around school and has lessened the tears shed over why I ‘don’t come in and help’.

cupcake sewing

Firstly I put together this little sewing sample to give the children a few ideas for their own squares. They were really enthusiastic about it and the Year 2 teachers were thrilled with how well the children were doing. Some of the other teachers were also impressed and asked if I could help out with their designs and in the end I was asked if I would co-ordinate the project to make sure all the squares were the same size and similar weight material. I have spent a lot of time making friends with bondaweb and my iron.

quilt squares

The next little sample I put together was for Year R. They came up with some lovely ideas for their theme of hats and I translated them into sewing. I haven’t seen their finished squares yet but I hear from their teachers that they did really well and are very pleased with them.

Over the Easter holidays I am cutting out and preparing 80 squares with scarecrows on for the Year 5/6 classes. I think my eyes will be square soon! It’s been a really fun project and I am very grateful to those parents who donated fabric or their time to help me out – it would have taken me a lot longer without their help. I shall write another post after the garden party to show you the work the children have done – don’t want to ruin the surprise in case any parents are reading this!