Last month my sister took me to The Spirit of Christmas Fair in London. It was my birthday present and we had a lovely, girlie day out together. While I was there, I saw something called story cubes in the programme guide, which I thought looked like something Grace would love. Unfortunately, as is always the case with all these big shows, we wandered for hours and never stumbled upon them. However, whilst reading blogs, pretty much the next day, I discovered this post on Red Ted Art on how to make story cubes!

So I bought some small wooden cubes and varnish and set about making my own. I know they’re not as pretty as the bought ones would have been, and despite my artistic abilities when it comes to cakes, I cannot draw for toffee! But a lot of thought and effort went into them and I hope Grace will like them anyway. (Please don’t laugh at my drawings!)

For those of you who aren’t sure what they are – you roll them like dice then use the pictures you get to tell a story. Great to get the imagination going and as Grace loves writing, she can start to translate some of her stories onto paper now too. Fun and educational!

I even found a little bag in my craft cupboard that was just the right size to keep the cubes in. All in all, this was fun to make, fairly inexpensive and (I think) makes a nice little Christmas present.