No matter which crafts the girls and I try, you can always be sure that some kind of baking or cake decorating will feature regularly. So we were all delighted when Silver Spoon sent us a bag of goodies to try out. We had squeezy icing tubes, food colours, jelly drops and mini chocolate beans so cookie decorating immediately sprang to mind. Grace has been studying traditional tales at school so we thought we’d tie it in with that and make The Gingerbread Man (and his family!). We also dug out some Halloween cookie cutters so we threw a few witches, pumpkins and spider webs in for good measure!

The girls got on really well with the smaller icing tubes and enjoyed decorating their gingerbread men with the chocolate beans (which were quite small and great for buttons) and jelly drops. They did struggle with the large icing tube, which comes with three different nozzles, but I didn’t find it too difficult to use. It does take quite a bit of strength to get it going so you probably wouldn’t use it to do a lot of decorating, but it was much easier than mixing up and colouring a batch of royal icing.

The girls were very proud of their creations and Grace happily went off with one in her lunch box the next day. The only slight mishap was when Dale ate one of the decorated ones and got quite a telling off from a rather irate Grace!

Our Halloween cookies weren’t quite so successful – I think I need a bit more practice piping with the ready made icing!


Maybe I’ll just view this as a dry run and have another go next week for Halloween 🙂

I was sent Silver Spoon samples free of charge to review.