Words cannot express how much I love this book! When a review copy landed on my doormat I was restrained enough to make myself a coffee and find a quiet space in the house before opening it up, as I had an inkling that some delights awaited me. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I have to admit that I did actually gasp as I turned page after page, the designs are truly breath-taking.

Usually when you buy a craft book there are two or three designs that really capture your attention, but I found all the 52 designs in this book were really appealing. The book is set out in four sections – for each of the seasons – with a variety of patterns in each. There are beautiful items for your home, such as the pretty pot covers above, gorgeous children’s clothes, treats for yourself and quirky items, such as knitted flags and a Christmas ‘Noel’ sign. The photography is just gorgeous throughout.

I guarantee if you are already a knitter you’ll have to restrain yourself as you will want to start knitting immediately, and if you don’t knit yet then you will be itching to pick up some needles and learn! There’s definitely plenty here for everyone – not matter what your skill level is. I think I’m going to start with the door stop… or maybe the pot covers… or perhaps the Christmas stocking… no, it has to be the peg bag…

The book is published by Quadrille Publishing and I’ve had a sneak peek on Amazon and see it is available there. Go treat yourself to a copy now, you will not be disappointed!