Isn’t it lovely just to have a whole extra day of family fun, especially when the sun is shining? Well, that’s exactly what we did on Monday. No stressing about mess, rushing to get the washing done or hoovering the carpets! Just fun.

We started with a trip to the fruit farm to pick our own raspberries. Grace especially enjoyed this and insisted on a competition to see who could pick the most. Poor Faith didn’t stand a chance as she just couldn’t resist popping them into her mouth before they reached the basket! With Grace declaring herself as the winner, we headed off home with our spoils.

Next up I turned some of the raspberries and a couple of apples into this…

… while the girls and Dale made dinner for us all. Yummy fish cakes, carefully crafted into the shape of fish by Grace!

Faith squeezed the lemon

Grace mixed it all together

The cooking was followed by some more fun in the sun. Some of this….

… and a lot of this…

… and, wow, did they sleep well that night! πŸ™‚