After I’d dithered for too long and missed the early bird deadline, I was pretty certain that I wouldn’t be attending CyberMummy this year. As I’m sure is the case for many others, we are tightening our belts and there isn’t any spare cash for things like that. After seeing a tweet from BakingMadMama about her CyberMummy sponsor, I replied that I wished someone would sponsor me. About 2 minutes later a fairy godmother in the shape of @fsvouchers made my wish come true and I am really very grateful to them! is a new voucher code website offering deals and discounts for online shopping. They also have a money-saving tips blog and discuss frugal ideas with fellow Fabulous Savers on Twitter. So if you like saving money, and who doesn’t(?!), then head over to their site and search through the voucher codes. The savings are helpfully listed in categories, which include electrical, food and gift, entertainment, sport, home and garden, business, auto and many more, so you can easily browse for offers that may be of interest for you. As you can probably guess I spend a lot of time browsing food and gift savings and very little time in the sport section!

Once again, thank you to Fabulous Savings for your generosity. I’m really looking forward to attending the conference and meeting lots of fellow bloggers whose blogs I’ve been following and tweets I’ve been reading for so long now. So, who else is going then? Don’t forget to come and say hi!