I am always seeing tweets and blog posts about The Gallery hosted by Tara over at Sticky Fingers and keep meaning to join in. This week I decided I was definitely going to do it. That was until I saw the theme – Self Portrait.

I hate having my photo taken because I hate what I’ve become. I’m massively overweight, never bother wearing make up and always look a mess! Whilst searching through the our photos I could probably count on one hand the number that had me in them. In the few I do appear in, I am usually trying to hide behind one of the children or looking away from the camera. This is sad really and, as Laura pointed out, we don’t want our children to look back on photos and wonder where on earth Mummy was all the time!

Anyway, against my better judgement and I’m not sure I can bear to keep this post up, but here are a couple of photos of me from our recent holiday. Warts and all 🙂

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