Despite our extended holiday, thanks to the infamous ash cloud, we’ve been back from Cyprus for a couple of weeks. During our stay away my Mum did some fabulous decorating for us but we managed to lose a few things in the process, including the camera cable. I have been waiting to get photos off the camera before blogging but as we have failed to find the cable and the replacement card reader we bought didn’t work, I decided just to get on with it and use the few pictures I do have!

Firstly, I must say that the wedding that we went over to Cyprus for was absolutely beautiful. Su looked stunning in her gorgeous dress and Rich doesn’t scrub up too badly either.

The girls were flower girls and looked very cute in their outfits. The location was wonderful, the views amazing and the company even better. It just goes to show what a lovely couple they are as so many people travelled out there to share in their special day.

I’m afraid I am now going to bore you with the few photos that I do have. I may be a little biased, but how cute do they look? 🙂

I was going to have a good moan about the terrible place we stayed in for the first week of our holiday, but perhaps I’ll just do a quick summary and move on! We stayed in an apartment at the Paphos Gardens resort and during the week we had 2 people randomly walk into our apartment, changed apartments once, stayed in one that smelt and was full of damp (making our clothes damp), contended with plagues of flying ants and got bitten to death by mosquitos, leading to a nasty bout of cellulitis in my foot and a course of antibiotics! In short, would I recommend the Paphos Gardens resort – NO! Would I recommend a holiday in Paphos – YES!

The actual town of Pahpos is lovely and we found lots to do during our stay. We visited the Tombs of the Kings, went for long walks along the scenic coastline, played on the beaches and ate out at restaurants by the harbour.

The second week, after a nervous and tearful wait at the airport, Easyjet put us up full board in a hotel (ok, 2 hotels – we got moved after settling into the first one!) This totally made up for the fact that we had to stay in a hovel the first week and we had a great time. The weather was beautiful most of the time, the hotel had good facilities for the children and the food was so plentiful we had trouble fitting all the meals in!

Grace did this every time she went past the statue!

All in all, we had a wonderful holiday and although it’s always good to get home, I especially miss the warm weather and the fabulous food.