This cake was ordered by a friend of a friend after she saw my teddy cake on Facebook. When she phoned, she asked if she could have a rabbit instead of a teddy. I panicked slightly inside as the teddy had been baked in a teddy shaped tin and I don’t have a rabbit shaped tin, but I said I could do it!

To make the cake, I baked a large sponge, drew a rabbit on paper, cut it out to make a template, then used it to cut the cake into shape. If you are going to cut a cake I recommend leaving it for a day to settle as it makes it much easier to cut. Then I piped white buttercream fur all over and added pink buttercream details and a black sugarpaste face. It was actually really fun to make and I was pleased with how it turned out, especially after my initial worries.

Apparently it went down very well at the party 🙂