In a bid to stop myself being so lazy I am going to do a photo montage at the end of each month showing what I have made. I am busy with cakes orders at the moment but I really want to make sure there is a balance of cakes and other handmade items each month.

In January I was so lazy I couldn’t even string a montage together so here is February’s pitiful offering. We’ll call it a good start but could do better!

1. Black Forest Cupcakes, 2. Leek and pancetta bread, 3. Sock monkey, 4. Choc Valentine’s cupcakes, 5. Crochet blanket, 6. 60th birthday cake, 7. Teal cupcakes, 8. Harlequin tart, 9. Valentine cookies, 10. Knitted top, 11. Hungry Caterpillar cake, 12. Retirement cake