No, not the small furry variety! I need some willing volunteers to help out with my experiment!

For a while I’ve been wanting to try and send some of my cupcakes in the post (well, via courier) to see if this is a possible extension to my cake business. I also have another idea, which I’m keeping under wraps for now! I ordered some from another company to see how they arrived and I have to say the answer is – not good!

So what I need is a few volunteers who I can send a box of cakes to who:

a) like cake

b) won’t be gutted if they arrive in a dreadful mess

c) are willing to take a couple of photos of how the cakes look when they arrive and report back on whether they were intact/inedible/suitable for a gift etc.

d) spread the word if it is a success (and keep quiet if it is a massive failure!)

I can’t guarantee what I will send you or when it will be (but I will email to let you know when it’s on its way). If you would like to be one of my guinea pigs please either leave a comment with some kind of contact details (obviously not your full name, address and directions for burglars! An email address will do!) or DM me if you follow me on twitter. (And no Cumbers, I am not sending you cakes in the post – you can collect them yourself! :-))

Thank you kind cake-loving people! x