I thought I’d lump these two weeks together as most of my class last week was spent covering a fruit cake with marzipan and royal icing. I learnt a great deal though as I have never successfully been able to cover a cake in marzipan! He also showed us how to cover a cake in sugarpaste, another weakness of mine, so I was a happy bunny!

We also practised piping shells and scrolls in royal icing. I didn’t take any pictures of my work as, in my humble opinion, I think it looks like I’ve piped a load of fat slugs! Scroll work isn’t my favourite but it is a useful skill to learn.

This week I used my newly acquired shell and scroll skills to decorate this cake topper. I also used my piped roses from a couple of weeks back and practised my writing.

cake topper

I’m looking forward to next week as we are going to make a basket out of a mixture of sugarpaste and flowerpaste and make little flowers on wire to go in it.