It’s certainly no secret that I like a good pudding. If I’m eating out then I’ll often choose my main carefully so I still have room for pudding – because that is the best bit! So there was no way I was going to turn down the offer of pudding to review, especially when it has sticky toffee in the title.

Cartmel, who have been making their famous sticky toffee pudding for almost 25 years, asked if we would like to join them as one of their Cartmel Village People, and review some of their puddings.

We started off with their sticky toffee apple crumble. In my opinion a crumble must have a good, thick layer of crumble on top and this didn’t disappoint. The apple underneath was sweet from the sticky toffee sauce and it easily served the four of us with some ice cream. I think you should have custard with crumble but the others disagreed! Say you’re with me on this…

The puddings were easy to cook. They come in their own foil dish so all you have to do is remove the lid, place on a baking tray and cook for around 25 minutes. Grace really enjoyed sticky toffee apple crumble leftovers cold in her lunch box the next day.

Next up we tried some of the sticky toffee sauce, which you can buy in a jar. Once opened, you need to store it in a fridge, but I’m thinking it won’t hang around that long! It is a rich and sticky sauce, which was just perfect on our pancakes and makes a great treat topping on ice cream. A firm favourite of all the family.

We saved the best for last with the famous sticky toffee pudding. There was plenty of gooey sauce to go with the moist sponge. If I’m honest, I could have eaten the whole thing myself! But I did share it round and we had a decent sized portion each from the Sticky Toffee Pudding for Four.

If you’re looking for a home baked taste in a bought pudding, then these are definitely a good choice. You can order the puddings online from the Cartmel Village Shop. They are not the cheapest of puddings at £4.50 for the sticky toffee pudding for four and £3.99 for the sticky toffee apple crumble. But for a delicious, home baked treat without the hassle of making it yourself, they are definitely worth it.

Disclosure: We were sent two puddings and a jar of sticky toffee sauce free of charge to review. All opinions are my own.