I have tried to be more organised this year and have already started my knitted Christmas gifts, although with the huge to do list I have just written, perhaps I should have started even earlier! But before I could start this I had an October full of birthdays and decided to knit a scarf for my Gran. I found a pattern on ravelry with ‘easy’ in the title and decided this was the one to tackle. It was my first lace knitting project but really, how hard could it be?

knitted leaves scarf

The answer to that question is very! The actual pattern was quite easy to pick up once I figured out what I was doing but when I made a mistake it was a nightmare to get back on track. So the project was a mixture of pure frustration and huge excitement at successfully finishing my first lace project.

I was really pleased with the finished scarf and the odd mistake I made didn’t really show. It was tricky to block and still wanted to curl up – maybe it was the yarn or maybe I didn’t leave it pinned to my sitting room floor for long enough. The only downside was that it took me so long to finish, my poor Gran didn’t receive it until 10 days after her birthday! I learned that my skill level isn’t quite what I’d hoped it was but with a bit of time and concentration, I can do it. Now I just need to master those wretched double pointed needles…

scarf lace pattern