Now Grace has settled well into Year 2 and I’ve got over the shock realisation that this is her last year in Key Stage 1, I’m back into the swing of making lunch boxes for her. I really quite like the challenge of thinking up new ideas but not the panic and scramble on a Sunday evening when I realise I’ve forgotten to buy suitable things!

grace's lunchbox

Grace's decoration

The girls were very excited when Innocent sent them a lunch box and stickers to decorate it with, and some lovely goodies to take for lunch. Grace decided to put on two letter stickers – a G for Grace and an F for Faith so that they could share it. She also added some flowers and other bits and bobs.

faith's lunchbox

Faith's decoration

Faith spent ages working out her design and making sure everything was stuck exactly where she wanted it. She seemed to favour feet and random letters! Both of the girls were very pleased with their efforts – I just hope they don’t fight over who uses it when!

lunchbox contents

I always try to give Grace a well balanced lunch box with fruit and vegetables but also a homemade treat. I avoid crisps and chocolate bars but on a Friday I will let her have something a bit more exciting (millionaire’s shortbread and some juice in this case). Luckily, Grace is really good at eating all her lunch up and very rarely does anything come back in her lunchbox. Some of her favourites are carrot sticks with¬†hummus, mini sausages, cheese and ham muffins, filled pitta bread, pizza rolls, dried fruit and chopped mixed fresh fruit.

So, what do you send in your child’s lunch box? I’m always looking for new ideas…

Thanks to Innocent for sending us a free lunch box, stickers and goodies to go in the lunch box.