There is nothing more glorious than long walks on the beach in the beautiful sunshine! This week we are in Mudeford enjoying a family holiday, and today was a particularly gorgeous day.

Yesterday we decided to get the little ferry across to Hengistbury Head as Grace reliably informed us that the beach there was much sandier. I am not a beach lover, in fact, sand drives me crazy. But the children love it so I plastered on my best smile and off we set! The boat ride over was lovely and we found a great spot on a fairly quiet beach. The girls had great fun digging in the sand, collecting shells, eating picnic food and paddling in the sea. The sun was in and out and the weather was really rather pleasant… until we turned and looked behind us! A large grey cloud seemed to be looming and the beach started to empty. Suddenly, the heavens opened and we got soaked through. There was no escape as the only cafe near the beach was rammed full, so we stood in the rain getting drenched!

I think our favourite moment must have been digging a huge hole and burying Faith up to her neck in it! Strangely, she loved this but don’t worry, we didn’t leave her there! We did the same to Grace but I don’t think she liked it so much. I made sure I kept on the picnic blanket and tried to avoid all contact with the sand! Seriously, sand gets everywhere. I have never seen so much sand come out of two swimming costumes! Ok, enough of my sand hatred…

Today was wonderful. We went for a walk along the beach from Mudeford to Highcliffe Castle, which was stunning. The sun shone and the girls bobbed in and out of the sea, dancing in the sunshine.

We climbed the steep steps up to the nature reserve at Highcliffe Castle and had lunch in the tea rooms. Despite visiting the castle ground many times, I have never actually looked round the house there, so we decided to have a look. The entrance fee was very reasonable (£2.95 per adult and children are free) and although there aren’t that many rooms open to the public, it certainly kept us amused for an hour or so. There were some interactive displays for the children, lots of interesting information for the adults, exhibitions and a dressing up area. I’m sure the children would have stayed for hours trying all the different outfits!

We took the slightly more gentle zig-zag route back down to the beach and ambled back along the sea front, stopping for an ice cream half way back. The girls spent the rest of the afternoon in the swimming pool cooling off, then had a boogie at the kids club disco before falling into bed. This makes a change from falling out of bed, which Faith did on the first night (you may notice the black eye in some of the photos!).

Today was the most perfect day and we took so many photos. I always find it hard to choose which photos to put up so here are some more of our holiday so far…

Playing on the beach


Faith outside the caravan park


Highcliffe Castle


Grace cleaning the silver


Having fun on the beach