Bake It! Club

So, I thought this was going to be a quick and easy recipe but it seems have caused all sorts of problems! We’ve had collapsing cupcakes and failed meringues galore! It is very strange as I’ve tried this recipe many times and home and it has worked every time. The main culprit for the sunken cupcakes is probably oven temperatures, which vary wildly and are hardly ever what you think they are. Meringue is a tricky customer and I’ve only just got the hang of it after many, many attempts. It is very easy to slightly over-whisk it and cause it to turn to liquid when you add the sugar.

Thank you everyone who joined in this month, I hope the failed attempts weren’t too stressful. I am going to have to think of something fail-safe for next month! If you have baked the lemon meringue cupcakes, please feel free to add a link to your blog post below and add a photo to the Flickr group. I’ll leave the inlinkz tool open until the 5th June.