MAD Blog Awards 2011

Yesterday, something very exciting happened – I found out I had made it as a finalist in the Best Family Food Blogger category of The MAD Awards! I was totally and utterly gobsmacked and completely overwhelmed. Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me – I am astounded and so grateful for your support. My blog is like a 3rd (or 4th if you count my husband!) child and that other people actually enjoy reading it is the best feeling ever.

I am proud to be in this category with some of my favourite food blogs, which makes it even harder to ask you all to vote for me in the final! I know the care, attention and hard work that we all put into developing our recipes, writing them up and getting the best photos we can. My neighbours must wonder what on earth I’m doing as I appear in the garden, plate of food or cake in one hand and the camera in the other! But, having made it this far, obviously I WANT TO WIN!

So please, please (yes, I’m not against a little begging!) if you enjoy my blog and my recipes head across and vote for me to win the title of  Best Family Food Blog. Also, check out some of the blogs in the other categories – there are some brilliant ones and I have loved discovering new ones I hadn’t heard of before.

A huge thank you must go to Sally and Jen whose hard work behind the scenes makes all this possible – you guys are the best!

Now, go vote… are we allowed to use bribery…

sunflower cupcakes

Mmmm... yummy cupcakes for you, lovely readers....