As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am one of the 10 bloggers who make up the Finish QuantuMatic Jury. We have been asked to try out the dishwasher product and write up our thoughts and experiences with it. I have used the QuantuMatic for my first few loads of dirty dishes so I’ll update you with my initial thoughts.

In your starter pack you get the actual holder and one refill pack, which does 12 washes. The device needs to be positioned in the top rack of the dishwasher, making sure it is upright so the powder releases properly. I found this a little tricky as all the parts of the top rack in my dishwasher are sloped! However, after some jiggling I did get it to clip on and sit upright. After you’ve done this, you don’t need to touch it again for the 12 washes as it automatically moves itself onto the next wash.

So with the device in place, I started to load the dishwasher. I am the only person in my house allowed to load the dishwasher as I am the only one who can do it right. Fact. Things have to go in the right places. Hmmmm… the QuantuMatic takes up some of my space. Never mind, like the resourceful girl that I am, I managed to find an equally satisfactory way to pack it. Once it’s loaded you just shut the door and let it run. You need to run the dishwasher on a normal, full cycle not a short one, which is fine as I don’t use the short cycles.

After the first load, the QuantuMatic seemed to do fairly well and only a few glasses came out still a little dirty. This is a problem I’ve had before so it may be because my dishwasher is a little old now. I’ll let it off at the moment until I’ve tested it some more!

The second wash was packed full of greasy, buttercream covered bowls after my photoshoot. It was pretty caked on as I’m notorious for not cleaning up straight away and I didn’t rinse it so it was really greasy. This time the QuantuMatic did a fabulous job! My Kenwood Chef mixing bowl was left sparkling and there was no greasy residue in sight.

I’m afraid it was not third time lucky though. The QuantuMatic didn’t like my bolognaise covered pots and pans and spattered it all over my glasses! In general I’m finding the things at the bottom of the dishwasher clean much better than the things at the top. My next step is going to be to wash everything by hand, clean my dishwasher filter and inside them machine as I’m not convinced it is the product’s fault as I’ve experienced these problems before.

So, those are my first thoughts. A mixed bag but on the whole, things are coming out pretty well. More feedback soon…

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and experiences are my own.