Over the next few weeks, along with 9 other bloggers, I will be taking part in a trial for Finish QuantuMatic. I’ve never been part of a Jury before so it’s quite exciting! They have sent me one of their starter packs to try out in my dishwasher, putting it to the test with the mountain of baking bowls and utensils that I produce every week. I will not only be blogging my findings here over a series of blog posts, but they will also be posted on a new microsite that Finish are setting up to go along with the trial.

I was slightly nervous when they said they’d be sending along a professional photographer to take photos of me for the website! I do not like having my photo taken – I always have about 6 chins and a lopsided grin. However, this photographer was brilliant, put me at ease and spent 3 hours taking photos. Surely he must have at least 1 decent picture in amongst that lot? I will let you know when the photos are up and you can judge for yourself!

I wasn’t sure exactly what they would need in the photos so here’s a sneak peek at the cake that I threw together at the last minute when the photographer arrived on Saturday morning! It’s a bit rough around the edges but hopefully that won’t show in his photos.

These posts are sponsored by Finish but rest assured the opinions I blog will definitely be my own. I am interested to see how this product works as I am a stickler as to what I will use in my dishwasher and can’t bear it when the powder doesn’t clean properly! Watch this space…

This is a sponsored post.