We seem to have collected quite a few shoe boxes recently, especially as we had to buy yet more school shoes for Grace after just 5 months! Why do children have to grow so fast? Anyway, Faith and I decided to make a little bed for her fairy and she has taken it everywhere with her since.

You will need:

A small shoe box

Pretty wrapping paper

Tissue paper or shredded paper

Netting or fabric offcuts

A small fairy or doll


Firstly take your shoe box…

… then carefully check out the inside at close range. Faith assures me this is a vital step!

Then, once you are sure the inside is of a suitable standard, cover the outside of the box and lid with the pretty wrapping paper. Fill the box with some shredded paper or tissue paper, pop in the fairy or doll and make a cover with coloured netting or fabric. Obviously, if your child has a longer attention span than mine, you can decorate the box more or even sew a little quilt for the fairy.