On Saturday evening we decided to head into Winchester to join in with the candlelit procession and firework display. Usually, we go to one at Dale’s work but they stopped it a couple of years back. We got the train, which was packed, but the girls love a train journey, and judging by the traffic in Winchester it was a wise move!

We headed down the high street where they were selling the candles or ‘fire sticks’ as the girls called them. Then we listened to the band for a bit before lighting ours. It was very amusing to watch Faith’s face as she shouted, “Fire! Fire!” at the top of her voice!

Despite the worry of her setting us on fire, we let Grace have a turn holding the candle before the procession set off. She looks a little like she’s ready to run someone out of town!

As the procession headed back up the high street it was quite an amazing site. The street was absolutely packed full of people holding candles and as the light reflected off the shop windows it looked quite magical. Finally we headed down to the leisure centre to watch the fireworks, where it seemed even more packed. Too packed for my liking.

After a shaky start from Faith, the girls enjoyed the firework display, which lasted for quite a while. Then we had run the scrum again to leave and wait for ages to get a train back! It was a great evening but I think next year I might be tempted just to go for the procession and skip the fireworks, it was a tad too busy for me!