As it is half term this week, I have got some time off from making lunch boxes, but last week Grace tested out some goodies from My Friendly Lunchbox. She takes a lunch box most days and I am fed up keep throwing away sandwich bags and various other wrappings, which are a waste of money and not very environmentally friendly.

So I was delighted when this little beauty, the Wrap-N-Mat, became her favourite thing since sliced bread! Not only does it act as a fantastic wrapper for her sandwiches, it is reusable, pretty and best of all, when it is opened up it acts as a mini picnic blanket for her to set out all her food on. Her friends all commented on how brilliant it was. The inside has a wipe clean surface and the outside is a lovely gingham fabric, which also comes in blue, Eco-print and green, and it fixes with a velcro fastening. Definitely a useful item and a big thumbs up from us.

We were also sent an EasyLunchboxes lunch bag and an Easy Lunchbox, which Dale took to work with him. These are great because you can make sure your food stays upright and doesn’t spill everywhere. The lunch bag can either carry two Easy lunchboxes or one, leaving room for a water bottle, ice block etc. The Easy Lunchbox, which are sold in packs of four, has three compartments. This is great for separating sandwiches from other items, without the need for extra wrappings. Dale found the bag was a little bulky for just him but it would be great if we were off on a picnic as it is spacious and keeps everything the right way up.

The lunch bags come in various different colours and these, along with many more useful products, can be found on the My Friendly Lunchbox website.

This is a review post – we were sent these items free of charge to review and keep.