I love it when the leaves turn brown and there’s a chill in the air and we can snuggle up inside with hot chocolate. Yesterday was one of those glorious days filled with Autumn sunshine, so we decided to get out and enjoy it with a long walk and some sloe picking. I’d never picked sloes before but really wanted to try making some sloe gin, so with some help from Deb and Rachael’s fabulous blog posts and Kat’s advice on where to look, we set out on our search.

Armed with photos of what we should be looking for, Grace and I set about foraging in the hedgerows along the footpath and eventually we spotted some sloes. Unfortunately, most of the large, juicy looking ones were up so high we couldn’t reach them but we still came away with a bowl-full and some very scratched hands! I hope these actually are sloes and we’re not going to poison ourselves!

Of course, no walk is complete without a good explore around the woodland….

Collecting sticks (especially so you can pretend you’re Nanny McPhee!)….

And a rather windswept photo at the top of a blustery hill…. but just look at that view!