Those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen my sad tweets today, when I had to condemn my tumble dryer to tumble dryer heaven. The engineer looked at it, took it apart and declared that it was the worst damage he’d ever seen! Not sure how I managed that, but we will now have to spend out yet more money to replace it. So far this year we have had to replace the TV and washing machine and the oven is about to pack up!

I tried very hard all through the Summer to be eco-friendly and only use the washing line but now the days have turned chilly and damp, I just can’t get the volume of washing we have dried in time. However, it has taught me that I don’t need to use the tumble dryer as much as I was and even when we get a new one, I shall still keep usage to a minimum.

Anyway, we have our machines stacked in the utility room so last night we thought it was best to get the tumble dryer down for the engineer to look at. As we were about to lift it down I quizzed Grace, “Now, do you know who to call if something happens and we get flattened under the tumble dryer?” Her response was truly heart warming, “Yeah, but there won’t be much point really, will there? You’d be flat!” Great, yet another show of love from my children!

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