Grace started school last year so we excitedly bought loads of school uniform from M&S. The tops, cardigan and skirts were great and hardly show any wear – in fact Grace can easily wear them again this year. However, I was really not impressed with the trousers and pinafore, which washed really badly and shrank a lot. I also found that when I was looking for uniform last year all the skirts and pinafores were so short. I know Grace is tall for her age, but really they were all seriously short!

So I was very pleased, when Tesco kindly sent us some uniform to review, to see that the skirt was a very decent length and a lovely style. Grace was also particularly pleased with the trousers, which are a good length and have the really useful adjustable waist, as has the skirt.

She was also very excited by the stationery bits and bobs that were included in the parcel – Grace loves to write and colour in as many different notebooks as possible!

So far I have only washed the polo shirts and whilst they have washed up well, there was quite a bit of shrinkage so it might be worth buying a size larger than you need to allow for that.

I can’t believe Grace has already done a whole year at school and isn’t one of the babies of the school now! She looked so grown up when she went off, totally unconcerned. Guess it was just me who shed a tear or two then!